May 29, 2019 Sonoma County Tourism

Sonoma County to become USA’s first 100% sustainable wine region

Sonoma County wines are renowned throughout the world for their award-winning quality and superb taste. And in the near future, consumers will be able to purchase any Sonoma County wine knowing that all of the region’s wines are grown and made in USA’s first 100% sustainable wine region.

In January 2014, Sonoma County Winegrowers announced their goal to become USA’s first 100% certified sustainable wine region through a three-phased program to be completed within the following five years. Five years on, the program is going according to plan and is expected to be completed by the end of 2019.

The purpose of the Sonoma County Sustainability Program is to preserve agriculture and multi-generational family farms. Although many of the region’s wine growers and winemakers have been practicing sustainable farming techniques and winemaking practices for decades, this initiative demonstrates their seriousness and commitment to ensuring all vineyards and wineries across Sonoma County will soon be sustainable.

From a global marketing perspective, being able to promote Sonoma County grapes as 100 percent sustainable gives producers a distinct edge over the competition and this is expected to translate into a healthier bottom line for everyone concerned.

Sonoma County grape farmers and winemakers are dependent on a healthy environment to grow the best grapes that make the world class wines. The grape growers and winemakers have long been at the forefront of creating and utilizing sustainable practices, so their commitment to 100% sustainability will ensure that businesses, the rural lifestyle and the agricultural heritage will be maintained for years to come.

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