July 1, 2019 San Francisco Travel

San Francisco Travel Association Reveals Brand Refresh

July 1st, 2019 – The San Francisco Travel Association revealed a brand refresh for the organization and the destination at its 109th Annual Luncheon held today at The Moscone Center.

Joe D’Alessandro, San Francisco Travel president and CEO, presented the new approach to some 1,000 attendees, saying, “A brand is more than just a logo. It’s how we see ourselves. More importantly, it’s how others see us—and how others see us is more critical than ever before….It is our most important asset, and proper management of it is key to our success.

“Regularly reassessing our brand ensures that it remains well-defined, consistent, accurate, and relevant. The nine-month process that we have just completed was not about making drastic changes but fine-tuning and updating – bringing more focus to the most important elements of the way we position the city and allowing us to speak in the most relevant way possible,” he added.

The new branding was developed after extensive research and development by Miles Partnership and Destination Analysts, in partnership with San Francisco Travel.

“We wanted to be sure that our brand was reflective of the destination, that it was contemporary and understood by a global audience. And that it reminded people of the promise of San Francisco,” said San Francisco Travel Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Howard Pickett. “We started at home, interviewing members of San Francisco’s hospitality industry, our own advisory boards, local residents, and San Francisco Travel staff. We conducted focus groups with travelers and meeting planners, both here and abroad. We monitored social media, analyzing trends, preconceptions, and misconceptions.”

This lead to the development of a new brand description; a narrative that defines San Francisco in an emotional, resonant way.

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