Date: May 2018

It takes the right medium to tell the right message to the right audience

One of the key features of working with digital influencers is that you are able to target specific segments very accurately through a tailored partnership build around an appropriate messaging.

In terms of high priority audiencens, the family segment is of high value to Visit California and Atlantic Link is continuously working on promoting the family-friendly features of the destination. To tell that exact story to a highly relevant follower-base, we partnered up with one of Denmark’s leading Mommy bloggers Mette Marie Lei Lange

Mette Marie is 35 years old and lives in Copenhagen with her husband and their 4-year old twins. The primary focus of her blog is everyday life, outfits, children, husband, and travels with a emphasis on the life of a working mom putting her family first.

Mette Marie has an exceptionally strong voice within the family segment as her followers are hugely dominated by women/mommies in the age of 25-45. Through this project, we wanted to tell a story where Mette Marie takes her family out of the busy everyday drills and into the Californian wonderland where they could rediscover their family fortunes on the California highways.

Atlantic Link organized a 19-day family-focused itinerary for Mette Marie and her family as well as aligned the overall messaging of the project with her. Not less than 178 posts on her different platforms were created during the road trip and the project was a great professional success for both influencer and agency.

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