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More Scandinavians and Finns visited Philadelphia in 2018

The 2018 overseas visitation numbers are exciting news for Philadelphia, where 2018 marked the 4th consecutive year of overseas visitation growth. The Scandinavian and Finish markets are responsible for going up 1.4% year-over-year. Within the next five years, visitation from Scandinavia & Finland is expected to increase by 13.9%. READ MORE

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December 12, 2019 Travel Insights

Invitation til Travel Insights den 20. februar 2020

I samarbejde med MCH Messecenter Herning vender Travel Insights tilbage med endnu mere om CSR, bæredygtighed og forretningsudvikling.   Konklusionen fra Travel Insights i Øksnehallen den 18. oktober var, at forbrugerne har brug for mere hjælp til at træffe bæredygtige valg, når de rejser. Nye tal fra Epinion viser, at vi ikke vil stoppe med at rejse, men vi vil gerne rejse mere bæredygtigt. Så hvordan kan rejsebranchen være bedre til at kommunikere og hjælpe de rejsende med at træffe bæredygtige og ansvarlige valg på

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News from U.S. destinations and products

Atlantic Link represents several destinations and products in the U.S., including Chicago, Massachusetts, Philadelphia, Oregon, Walt Disney World Resort in Florida and Bloomington. Not to mention Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants, Visit California, and many more. This newsletter will provide you with news from several of Atlantic Link’s clients in the U.S. – both destinations and products. Read more

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December 9, 2019 Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants

Hotel update from Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants

We’re excited for you to get to know Kimpton’s bright and shiny, newest and refurbished properties. New builds. New cities. Exciting updated looks. Each uniquely crafted to reflect and reinvent their home city’s spark. Read more

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